Tshirts Suitable For Outerwear

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Tshirts Suitable For Outerwear
I’m looking to up my tshirt quality, as a working professional. I’ve googled a few tshirt threads here on reddit, but none seem to really focus on the factors that look professional, but on what feels best (admittedly, not an unimportant consideration.So, what are some quality tshirts that:Look like they’re intended to be worn as outerwear, as opposed to using as undershirts.Have a slim, modern cut — no drapey sleeves and torso.Available in many darker colors (no white or black — shades of charcoal heather, dark gray, etc. that match a navy or light blue blazer and dark skinny jeans).Does not show perspiration (the 100% cotton tshirts I’m currently using, unfortunately, show the slightest bit of sweat quite visibly).Not too thin, yet breathable. Needs to be worn under an unstructured blazer or by itself. Comfy materials are a bonus.Crew neck or very shallow V (I made the mistake of going too deep on the current V).Ideally not too short, as I’m a taller person.Budget is not a hard limit, though since I am wearing an identical outfit each day I plan on several to rotate.
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