~$500 suit search.. had no luck, what can i do?

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~$500 suit search.. had no luck, what can i do?
Went shopping yesterday looking for my first decent suit. Took some advice from here for style, fit, material, etc and was looking to spend the minimum i could for a suit with decent materials. I was looking to spend around $500 on a navy, but looking more for a lighter shade.I went to Macy’s, Brooks Brothers, banana republic, Ted baker, Saks Fifth, Nordstrom.. basically everywhere i could think of that i saw recommendations for but i couldn’t find much of anything in my price range. The only luck i ended up having was at Nordstrom’s. They had a Ted Baker and Hugo Boss suit on sale for a bit over 500 but were just plain Navy and not really convinced it was what i was looking for. Am i going to have to go online to get any better luck and selection..? I’m nervous since i don’t have another well fitting suit to measure.
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