Can’t pull the trigger on buying new clothes.

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Can’t pull the trigger on buying new clothes.
I grew up being a skater/metalhead/punk and never really grew out of that kind of clothing until a few years ago. Even then I was still buying clothes a little oversized with big prints.I donated/sold almost all of my clothes recently to force myself to change but I’m having trouble.I bought a bunch of super cheap plain tees, a few plain H&M hoodies, 3 pairs of Levi’s that actually fit and picked up a few lacoste tees/polos for my ‘nice clothes’.I’m going on vacation for two weeks in two weeks and can’t seem to get my wardrobe together.I almost exclusively wear Air Max 90 (always have probably always will) which I know you guys will shit on my for but I think it’s one thing I can’t give up.Any suggestions on where to buy nice, simple short and long sleeve tees and maybe a sweater and jacket/windbreaker? I’m looking to spend around $300/350 building up my wardrobe but my local mall sucks and everything I find online is either too expensive or too ‘loud’.I’m rambling more than anything I’ve just never had any fashion sense or anyone to discuss this with.Any advice/recommendations would be great.
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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