[Review] Custom Vanson Leather Jacket from Thurston-Bros

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[Review] Custom Vanson Leather Jacket from Thurston-Bros
Pics TL;DR: I used Thurston-Bros’ custom process for a Vanson Model F. The cost was $962 all told, and turn-around was about 3 ½ months. This was a terribly irresponsible attack against my bank account, but the jacket is worth every penny. The experience went like this: Research–>Buy–>Wait–>Wear Body Measurements:Height: 5’10”Chest: 41.5”Back shoulder: 19”Arm (shoulder to wrist): 24.5”Waist: 34” Final Jacket Measurements:Pit to pit: 22”Back shoulder: 19”Back length (from bottom of collar): 26”Front length (from bottom of collar at the shoulder seam): 25.5”Sleeve: 26”Waist (straight across the bottom): 21” Specs:Size 40 Vanson Model F in their “Octagon Brown” cowhide, with a base price of $689.Octagon Brown leather (+$103)Nickle zippersBlack rayon liningAdded 1” to body length (+$90)Replaced zippered cuffs with straight cuffs from their Model J (+$50)Removed both chest pocketsRemoved side bucklesRemoved collar snapsRemoved zippers from pocketsRemoved zip-out liningFailed to request a second inside pocket (+10 disappointment) I still remember the day I became a man. I was 28 years old and realized I didn’t know what a 401k was. I googled some quick info, found out I already had a Fidelity account with some cash in it, and adjusted my contribution to grown-up levels. Two seconds later I grew a mustache and realized every man should ruminate upon men’s fashion to find their place at the big boy table. My angle is specific minimalism. I have particular tastes, and draw sharp lines between “Of course” and “What am I, a boorish cunt?”, but I also like to keep shit simple. There are several restaurants I’ve hit up a dozen times without ever trying more than one dish. When I find something I like, I’m about it for the rest of my life, and a jacket that I can wear half the year and not have to take off when I walk indoors is all I need to know. My research found that Fedoralounge.com is the mecca for leather jacket information, and the consensus is simple: skip a mortgage payment and go Aero/Langlitz/Vanson/Lost Worlds, because ascending to greatness means you gotta suffer. The good stuff is expensive and tougher than a quilt of Clint Eastwood scowls, but that’s a good thing. Leather jackets that haven’t been artificially broken-in to be comfortable will last through the apocalypse. Besides, it’s a proven fact that a constant state of mild discomfort breeds badassery. Disagree? Read up on The Russians and get back to me. There’s no getting around the fact that these kinds of jackets are long game purchases. They can last decades, but they will take a while to arrive at what most consider a proper look and feel, and the heavier weights (Front Quarter Horsehide for Aero, and competition weight for Vanson) may take years to get comfortable. Thurston-Bros’ custom process is offered for Vanson and Aero jackets. Quality-wise, they’re more or less the same, but Vanson is cowhide while Aero has goat, steer, and horsehide options with many more colors available. I tried my best to find out the differences between the hides beyond malleability, but after reading a guy say he preferred horsehide because “it’s a nobler beast”, I decided to just pick what looks the best. The lady from Thurston-Bros was very helpful, and replied to each of my 50+ emails quickly. The process starts with picking a jacket model in a size derived from your body measurements, then paying the base price upfront. A fit jacket is mailed to you, and only promises to be the model you pick. In my case, the Model F was only available in the black competition (heavy) weight, and ended up being a size too small. The next size up wasn’t available to try on, so, when I finalized my order, I had to hope going one size up with the medium weight leather that I only saw as a 2” x 2” sample would be enough to settle the fit jacket’s fit issues. You should not go through this process unless you’re willing to drop 1k on a jacket that you may wish you never bought. Having said that, I ended up with a perfect final product, so maybe my compulsive buyer’s remorse was overshadowing how well Thurston-Bros’ custom flow works. The first time I put the jacket on, I immediately passed my girlfriend a knife and dared her to stab me. That’s how durable this bitch feels. It’s like flexible armor, and I’m looking forward to the weather cooling enough to let me wear it outside so I can start solving crimes and battling supervillains. Even though it’s a medium weight leather, and more pliable than the wooden fit jacket, it still arrives a good deal stiff. When I sit down with the jacket zipped up, the collar runs into my jaw like we’re in a turf war over my neck estate and I end up feeling like Vader trying to cosplay Steve McQueen. Leather jackets on this level require a commitment to discomfort with the understanding that you’ll eventually look super-cool when it breaks in. This is best arrived at by simply wearing the thing, but being Summertime, that amounts to me wearing it around my apartment with some light calisthenics thrown in to get the leather moving. After a couple weeks of this, the comfort is mostly fine, so I imagine after a full season of wear the leather will be decently softened and begin to drape better. You know how when you get a new car you start noticing how many of them are in the wild? The moment I bought a leather jacket I realized just how many people wore them, and every time I saw one I wondered if I’d also be just another asshole in a leather jacket. Now that I have it, I’m sleeping easier, and know that as it breaks in, softens up, and molds to my body over time it’ll look better. Like many boys, I started this journey having women dress me. That’s a reasonable step towards not looking like a cocksmoke, but men dress themselves. After years to noodling around with various ideas, I finally built out my endgame, and a proper leather jacket was the coup de grace. It’s easy to say fashion is silly, but if you re-frame the whole affair as “shit you put on your body”, nobody can deny it matters. What you wear matters just like what you say matters. It articulates you; and when you see me wearing these fine Vanson cowskins, I’ll be articulating myself all over your face. Chuch.
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