Want to add more color and different fitting pants to my style, but can only afford 2-3 pairs of shoes?

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Want to add more color and different fitting pants to my style, but can only afford 2-3 pairs of shoes?
I’m new to fashion, so i apologize if this is all drivel and my style is immature and silly. i plan to move up into more unique styles but right now I’m kind of stuck in the beginning stages of streetwear or something vaguely resembling it, but I’m trying to get more of a into korean airport fashion. a blend of 70/30 KAF/streetwear is my goal id say.I’ve noticed a big trend with tapered pants in korean fashion, so id like to buy some tapered sweats, khakis, etc, but i notice people rarely wear them with high top sneakers and I’m not really into the sneaker thing (I’m not against it I’m just easily satisfied with jordans/AF1’s/maybe the rare lebron and am more drawn to bags and other accessories) so i just have a pair of white/black jordan 1’s and some red vlado high tops. not much.i have been reading about fashion and lots of people talk about beginning with shoes for making an outfit/color blocking. i know there is no one way, but i can’t help but feel my white shoes only go with other white outfits. i want to wear blue, purple, green, etc, but all i have is white shoes. The easy answer is just buy some black shoes, but i feel like a pair of white and a pair of black shoes kind of go with the same things so they don’t really open many doors for me.the biggest head scratcher for me is i really want to do that tapered pants look every now and then but i only have high tops and only know about/can afford jordans. I really prefer high tops in any situation thats not tapered pants, so i feel like any non-high top would be bought for the sole purpose of wearing tapered pants and i don’t want to buy the wrong color or style and get stuck in a rut there like i am now. I would love some tips on how to rock the tapered pants look with and without high top sneakers. i don’t want to wear them every day, but i want to be able to for certain fits and right now i have no idea how to pull them off.tl;drCan you guys give me some tips on what style and color of shoes to look for if i want to buy another 2 or 3 pairs so i can 1. have more color and 2. have the ability to wear tapered pants sometimes.
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