Moores messed up my order, can I return it?

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Moores messed up my order, can I return it?
So here is the skinny. I went ~6 weeks ago to moores to get my vest “custom” made and the guy went through and did all my measurements. I told him I wanted a double breasted vest for my wedding (which is next week) and he said it should be fine. He does all that jazz and I get the vest and 1 (it fits big in front of my body) and 2, he did not make it double breasted, he check marked the spot where it is just 10 cheap buttons that go down the middle of the vest. I told the guy when I picked up my suit that it was suppose to be double breasted, and he said, “it shows here that it was check marked off as single lined buttons (I don’t remember the correct term). I am pissed, because it doesn’t fit me well or look the way I had requested that I wanted it. I remember saying twice to the guy while being fitted, so it is possible to make it double breasted? Yes he said. I emailed Moores last week when I got home and I havn’t received word back and I don’t think I ever will. I looked online to see their return policy and I don’t see anything that mentions not being able to return a “custom” made vest. Any advice? I’m pissed, this vest looks cheap as shit and isn’t even made in Canada. They ship the damn thing to china to be made which is why the shipping takes so long. Turns out all their custom made stuff by Joe is.
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