New Massdrop AE Chukkas have arrived!.. with some minor defects

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New Massdrop AE Chukkas have arrived!.. with some minor defects
The Massdrop Allen Edmond suede chukkas from ~April or so have arrived, and upon unboxing them they looked overall really nice but with some minor defects.. I’m trying to decide whether I should keep them or try an exchange.ALBUMFrom a distance I think they look just about perfect, but on closer inspected there are a few things that make me wonder if I should accept them as they are or look to get them replaced…The right shoe has bumping along the toebox right where it meets the welt. It almost feels as if there is a nail or something protruding upward, causing minor bulging in two places.The left shoe seems to have a little bit of glue coming up, also where the toebox meets the welt. The pictures don’t do a great job of showing it off but it’s also not too noticeable unless the right light is on it or you get an up-close look. There is also a spot at the heel with the same issue, but more noticeable.Some minor defects along the suede itself.. A spot that almost looks like they started threading the wrong spot and took them out and corrected.. also a few spots where the suede seems to be partially gauged. Honestly none of these are very noticeable and I don’t think I’d have much of any issue keeping them if these were the only concerns.So I know ultimately it’s a matter of how I feel, but if you were in my shoes (har har), would you keep them as-is? Thank you!
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