Uk does she think I’m ugly here to have said his?

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Uk does she think I’m ugly here to have said his?
I went to my adviser of one month she had put me forward for a job interview, and my advisor asked me do I need interview clothes, (they provide vouchers for clothes for interviews)i said no iv got them and her response was “oh, have you got all that? do you know how to conduct yourself on an interview”(she spoke upbeat and pleasant) i said yes, she then went on to say “well don’t forget, shirt pants and shoes, make sure you cut you’re nails make sure you do you’re hair up all nice and that, make sure you get a shave” then she paused a bit and said “and make sure you put some aftershave on as well, for the girls make sure it’s men’s” then she burst out laughing, she said it nicely but probably was thinking sinister, i was hurt about it, (i wasn’t near clean shaven at the time of the appointment tbh) I just don’t want the advisor to think bad of me! She was normally very moody in previous appointments before this but was using a nice tone of voice here, did she mean this by thinking I’ll stink or I’m a minter or lsomething? I did need a shave at the time tbhEdit: she even filled out the application form for me but she could of done that thinking I’m too thick to do it myself
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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