Just wrote a review of a new Wolf vs Goat shirt model, reposting it here for those interested

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Just wrote a review of a new Wolf vs Goat shirt model, reposting it here for those interested
I’ll open by saying I was not paid for this review, or even asked to post it here. Mauro (owner and operator of WvG) asked for reviews of his new products and sent samples to a few people to try them out. As a quick background for anyone who doesn’t know, WvG is a small company that makes clothing of very high quality for pretty good prices. They may look expensive on the surface, but Mauro runs a “rewards membership” in which you buy $20 to enter and get a permanent 30% discount on all full price purchases. This discount also occasionally jumps to 50% during sale season. WvG also tries to be very transparent with their pricing, and typically posts a breakdown of a product’s cost in the blog page on the website, along with information about where it is being produced and timelines of new products. Here is a link to the Styleforum WvG thread, which is pretty active and currently contains reviews on the other newly released products.Getting on to the review, I was sent the “Felice” shirt, of which one round was already sold and three new colors were released today. The color I got was “vintage grey” with “pepper” and “jean blue” being the other options.Sizing – I’m 5’9″, 170lbs, 42″ chest and 34″ waist and I’m wearing a size Large in these pictures. I think I could get away with a Medium for a more fitted look. I have some other pictures in the Styleforum WvG thread wearing a Caligula in Large as well so you can see the comparison. The chest feels similar between the two, with the waist being slimmer on the Felice and the body much longer. The fit is slim, but not your classic fitted tee, especially with the longer body. Personally I’m wearing it on its own during the summer but think it will be great for layering come fall. The long body almost strikes me as a streetwear style, but might just look normal on taller guys.Fabric – The shirt is 100% cotton and very soft, almost sleek feeling. Its not as “plush” as the Caligula or the bamboo tees, but its very comfortable and breathes pretty well. I overheat at the drop of a hat and have been fine wearing this on hot days.Construction – Not much to say here. Its typical amazing WvG quality, doesn’t look like it will fall apart any time soon. Again comparing to the Caligula, the Felice is more “finished” at the hem, sleeves, and collar. I don’t know enough to comment on the type of stitching but I included some pics for those curious.Overall, this shirt is pretty dope. The long body gives it a unique look, while the slim fit keeps it from being too out there and keeps you looking good in it. The fabric feels great and is completely different from the Caligula fabric. A pack of these in some basic colors will make for great layering options come the fall.Pictures
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