What is your advice to build an all around versatile shoe/sneaker collection?

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What is your advice to build an all around versatile shoe/sneaker collection?
I am trying to upgrade my shoe colletion to something ultra versatille that I can easily play around without getting tired of wearing the same shoes through a season.I currently own:1- Brogue Suede shoes very light beige – They need to be replaced they are very beaten up.I love brogue shoes because I can dress them up and down easily, they look mature in a casual outfit. I don’t really have the need to have dress shoes because at my work I never wear suits.2- White low tops – Adidas 350Love them, they are really cool. However I feel that they belong in summer, when winter comes I might not dig them as much.3- Athletic runner shoes – Adidas Ultra Boost Black 3.0I would like to replace my brogue suede shoes with something more high quality and add boots (maybe chelsea or dessert) and maybe add some sneaker high tops, I was thinking about maybe wearing a classic simple white nike blazers mid.What is your advice? Any specific type of shoe that you would recommend me? I am looking for versatility, I love a shoe that you can wear casually with a t-shirt without looking overdressed.
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