(x/post FMF) [Review] Jomers shorts, 1 Year On.

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(x/post FMF) [Review] Jomers shorts, 1 Year On.
Proof of PurchaseBucklin – Light Blue Pincord Shorts / Size 29 / MiHKFull AlbumMeasurements: 6’1 (186cm) / 163 lbs (74kg) / Natural Waist 29in / Hip to Hip 30inLifestyle: Does powerbuilding, used to do short sprints, cycles almost every day. Current build is what my body naturally leans towards (e.g. after getting back from vacation without my usual diet/routine), quads/waist may be slightly bigger once I get back into swing of things. Review: Plenty of great Jomers shorts reviews on here (1 , 2 ), but I thought it might be worthwhile to have a review of the shorts one year on, to help people interested in frugal fashion make informed choices. I’ve purchased the shorts in Aug 2016, and have been wearing them relatively frequently (in the winter months I travel to the tropics, so on average I wear them about 2 times a week). The fabric is pincord, which is a slightly ridged, finely spaced cotton (Close up of fabric). In terms of wear and tear, the worse I’ve put them through is playing a really drunken game of football (UK), with plently of tackles, resulting in grass stains. Against my better judgement (was a really inebriated week), I used bleach on the grass stains for at least 5 washes, and managed to get the stain out, and the fabric is still holding up well. The same cannot be said for the white linen shirt I was wearing. That being said, the inner button clasp is slightly frayed and loose, though it’ll be easy to secure with basic sewing materials. Since then, I’ve been city cycling with them with no qualms, and engaged in light non-inebriated activities with them, such as throwing a frisbee around, or dancing (okay fine, slightly inebriated). As you can see from the crotch seams, there are slightly frayed bits, but it is more or less as secure as the day I got them (inner crotch seam, outer crotch seam). Fit-wise, they have not shrunk or loosened, and still make my butt and baby quads look good. I really love how they sit on my natural waist, which makes for a really comfortable pair of shorts. It’s also quite flattering on my … protrusions. Front View w/ natural waist, Side View, Back View. For me, the most surprising and pleasant thing about Jomers is not how resistant the fabric is to my drunken shenanigans, or how well they cradle my balls, but it has great after-sale service that rivals mid-range clothing lines. Fit recommendations, if requested, are custom instead of generic (they dug through my order history to make recommendations for an order I wanted to purchase). I did once had an email enquiring about a lost shipment go unreplied, but a quick DM on twitter solved that, and I received a prompt refund. For the record, these shorts are MiHK, and I didn’t face any of the quality control or fit variations some have faced. Biggest gripe people seem to have is how quickly things sell out, and a possible solution may be to have a WvG subscription service. However this review focuses more on aspects relevant to long-term use of their product, and for information you could check out their Brand Love/Hate page. To conclude, their shorts have held up well, and although they are not 100% immune to wear and tear, it’s pretty darn close. Fabric, despite repeated bleaching has retained its quality, and fit has not loosened/shrunk.edit:formatting
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