Inspiration Album: Transitioning into Fall & Winter

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Inspiration Album: Transitioning into Fall & Winter
Here’s the album for those impatient readersFor a few weeks I’ve been compiling an inspo album that I thought could serve as a source of fits for the transition from the hot summer weather into the chilly winter. I tried to arrange the pictures in a way to reflect this – starting with summer/fall outfits then steadily approaching colder weather.You’ll notice a lot of Eidos here, because a few months ago I realized I love their casual looks. I’m not suggesting that everyone go buy a $300 sweater by including this stuff. A lot of the images I’ve collected should have cheaper alternatives.Along with that – if you like something, try to think of what it is you like and how it works with the fit. Maybe you can recreate this in your own twist. It’s meant for inspiration after all; not direct copy.Lastly, a lot of these sort of follow a similar style. I’ve been collecting images I enjoy, with the intention of using them to style some stuff for myself. If you don’t really like this style – that’s cool, but spare us the cynical comments. I’ve included sources for everything so please spare my inbox with how to find stuff.Album again for those who read
Mens Hair Styles 2015
Submitted by upflupchuckfck


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