Need advice regarding two pairs of boots that I recently bought

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Need advice regarding two pairs of boots that I recently bought
The first pair of boots: are some beige suede jodhpurs that I bought from Topman. They were $120 CAD total, which is around $95 USD. I’ve recently gotten into jodhpurs and have been eyeing the Taft Dylan series and Story et Fall, but the issue is that I don’t want to pay the high prices (both would come to around $400 CAD with tax and duties), especially because I have zero experience with suede shoes/boots (Urban Canadian winter coming up), nor have I ever messed around with jodhpurs before. So how do they seem in terms of quality and price for absolute entry-level suede jodhpur boots?The second pair of boots: are red-brownish leather Chelseas that I bought from a local Canadian designer brand, Luca del Forte. I tried googling them but it’s pretty niche so nothing really comes up. They were originally priced at $350 CAD ($280 USD), but I bought them on sale for 43% off at $220 CAD taxes included ($175 USD). My main question here is – for the price I paid, does it look (from the pictures) like the quality is up to par?It is worth noting that the combined price of these boots (if I returned them both) plus a little extra could get me the Taft jodhpur boots, my top choices being black leather or dark brown suede (but as I mentioned before, quite expensive for someone with 0 experience with suede).What do you think?EDIT: I could also try the New Republic Houston by Marc McNairy but I’m super unsure about the viability of crepe soles.
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