Small Athleisure Inspo album

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Small Athleisure Inspo album
ALBUMI recently moved from California to Georgia and realized how hilariously inappropriate my selvedge and boots were for the oppressively hot summer (all year really). Enter athleisure. A comfortable, relatively safe way to dress that is suitable for the local climate, and not so fashion forward as to intimidate the normiesI don’t intend for this to be a definitive guide, and as such did not even make an effort to write one. My goal was just to compile some pretty pictures. I wish I could have filled it out more but it’s been sitting in my unlisted folder for almost 2 months now.Some pointers for those wishing to get started:Solid, neutral colorstextures like fleece and heathered cotton can add some varietyE X P E N S I V E S H O E S r/repsneakersEnjoy
Mens Hair Styles 2015
Submitted by bulletproofjake


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