A question on tradeoff between quality and cost of online Made To Measure Suiting

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A question on tradeoff between quality and cost of online Made To Measure Suiting
I’ve been slowly but surely upgrading my closet after finishing graduate work and starting in a professional career (as a scientist who does a lot of travel, collaboration, public engagement, and speaking). I’ve had difficulty in finding suiting (and shirting, for that matter) that can fit my athletic frame (10-11″ drop, cycler’s calves, etc.), and have pretty well settled on purchasing my next suit made-to-measure. That may be online, or may be in person from a B&M store (probably Seattle). In doing research, it seems that buying a half- or fully-canvassed jacket is the way to go (for long-term use).So, my question. Although I know that Suitsupply and Indochino are popular in this sub, I’m wondering if anyone has opinions on Oliver Wicks suits? They seem to offer a high degree of customization, and will fully canvass a suit for +$100. That means one can purchase, for example, a black, wool, fully-canvassed suit with an extra pair of trousers for slightly less than a black, wool Indochino suit with one set of trousers (and no information on canvassing).So, how do MFA suit-wearers and purchasers feel about such MTM options? It ain’t bespoke, but these online options seem pretty worthy of consideration compared to an off-the-rack and tailoring option, or trying to find a used or deep discount Armani or Zegna on eBay.Questions:How do you rank online, MTM suit makers for fit, quality, and price?How do you find the best quality, best fitting suiting at a price you can afford, even if that’s not online MTM?Cheers, and thanks for your time.
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