Looking for tie advice / help

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Looking for tie advice / help
Hi guys, first time poster…. I am starting my career next week and have been building my wardrobe up slowly. I am hoping you guys can help me with a couple things. I have a pretty particular taste in ties, generally speaking I like ties with a solid base colour and then a nice pop of detail colour(s). In general, I think my favourite tie styles would qualify as floral/ medallion / geometric types. Here are a couple of examples of what i prefer:https://www.etonshirts.com/ca/yellow-floral-silk-tie-a000250174580https://www.harryrosen.com/en/accessories/ties,-pocket-squares-formal/ermenegildo-zegna/printed-silk-tie/p/01272512 ****(the first burgundy one in that picture)https://shop.roberttalbott.com/rt-studio-10852a0-03.html (this tie is out of stock and i desperately want it but i have tried to contact RT and they havent responded with any help as of yet)So, I have a couple of questions.Do you guys have any recommendations for brands that make ties of this style, or any specific ties you have found that you might recommend?Do you have any go to places for finding ties?Any places you guys know that are useful for finding hard to find pieces of any kind? For example, that yellow tie from Eton went out of stock and I actually emailed them until they found me retailer near me who had purchased it previously… Luckily they still had it.Truthfully looking for any useful insight or tips at all so anything would be nice. Sorry if formatting or something is incorrect.
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