Need help picking a shirt & tie combo please

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Need help picking a shirt & tie combo please
So first things first, I have absolutely zero fashion sense at all. Working on improving that is on my list of things to do this year but unfortunately right now it falls behind other basic things such as “have some money” and “try not to be driven bankrupt by nearly $80,000 of student debt”.Anyway, that brings me on to this thread. On the rare occasion I need to wear a suit I generally just throw on my dark navy affair with a white shirt (because it’s the only smart shirt I own), a smart pair of black shoes and whatever tie is closest to hand.Now however I actually have a few important events coming up, part of the Officer selection process for my countries army, and attending the events in a suit and tie is required and I’d very much like to have a change from my usual getup.So to that end I’m looking for recommendations on shirt & tie combinations that would work with what I have.Suit – Dark navy in colour, almost exactly this Shoes – Black or brown Belt – Black or brownSo what would you guys recommend as a shirt/tie combo that would work with the above?Thanks very much everybody.
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