Review of Wolf Vs Goat Crew Neck, U-Neck tees, and Tank Top

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Review of Wolf Vs Goat Crew Neck, U-Neck tees, and Tank Top
Mauro at Wolf Vs Goat recently sent me some new models for review, ahead of them being made available for sale, and I figured that I would write up some thoughts.Disclaimer: I received these tees for free in exchange for an honest review. I am not being paid, nor am I affiliated in any way with Wolf Vs Goat. I’ve been a customer of Mauro’s for a few years, and I am just a fan of the products he is putting out.I am 5’8”, 170 lbs, with a 40” chest, 30” waist, and 24.5” sleeve length. I generally take a size EU50 in most brands, and a size L in Mauro’s other shirts.Mauro sent me 3 models to test out: a U-neck, a crew neck, and a tank top. They’re all made out of the same luxuriously soft bamboo/sorona fabric as his other tees, which makes them absolutely fantastic for wear in hot, humid weather. The fabric is soft, and wicks away moisture. The bodies are cut in the same dimensions as the Caligula tees, which makes them great for people who are built a bit more athletically. They all drape pretty nicely without being too billowy.General construction thoughts:All of the tees and tanks that I received are made to the same standards as the rest of my WvG tees, and there isn’t really a stitch out of place from what I can tell.Crew Neck:Mauro said that these were produced as an option for people who wanted something a little less “rough” than the necks on the Caligula, and old bamboo/sorona tees. All hems are neatly finished with folded, non-ribbed fabric, and after a machine wash and dry, they haven’t started “baconing.” This is a pretty good sign, though I’ll have to see how that changes with wear.To be honest, I don’t really like wearing standard crew neck tees as I like a bigger neck opening, but this tee is really good for more normal wear. Additionally for this reason, the only picture I really have of it is a mirror picture taken when I was wearing this lounging around at home.Tank Top:This has all finished hems, a curved bottom hem, a deeper neckline, and long length. This tank top’s fabric and length makes it an excellent layering piece for the summer. Again, due to the way I normally dress, I wouldn’t really wear this untucked, but the length is good for peaking out under clothes, if that’s what you’re into.My only real criticism for the tank top is its color. White is a little under-shirty, but Mauro mentioned that it would come in several colors.U-Neck:This was hands down my favorite of the three tees. Really nice, deep neckline, roomy cut in the body, and definitely the easiest to wear for me. There’s not much that I would change myself, and it’s all around a good tee.Comparison between the tees:I mentioned earlier that the tees are cut in the same shoulder and pit to pit width as the Caligula tee, but they do differ in length. The lengths range from shortest to longest in the following order: crew neck, scoop neck, tank top.Overall, I think these will offer a few more nice basic options for people looking for layering pieces or tees for year round wear. They should retail somewhere in the $40-60 range, and I think they’re super worth the retail price.Once again, I was not paid for this review, and I am not affiliated with Wolf Vs Goat.Full album of pics with additional comparison pic and pic of Caligula tee:
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