The Ultimate (Kinda) Boxer Brief Review – part 2 (Under Armour, Terramar, Calvin Klein, Tommy John, and Mack Weldon)

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The Ultimate (Kinda) Boxer Brief Review – part 2 (Under Armour, Terramar, Calvin Klein, Tommy John, and Mack Weldon)
I got great feedback from the last review so here is another round. I went into more detail than I did last time so you guys can get a better insight into each option. Ill do a TL;DR since this one is a little more wordy but please read the review to get all the details.Before we get on to this review, I want to add to on to the last review. I have now made it through 10 pairs of “specialty” boxer briefs and I can definitely say that my favorite pair is All Citizens. Ive talked with Danny over at All Citizens and you guys made him sell out of his stock in Medium and Large. He will be restocking in September so be on the lookout. I know I sound like a shill but Im not getting paid for anything I say. The thigh spandex of the All Citizens is really something special. Ive also downgraded my Saxx rating because after wearing them multiple times in difference scenarios, they ride up so much! For that reason, I didnt buy any more of them. I also decided not to try the Buck Naked by Duluth because from the comments, they seemed similar to the ExOfficio and I was looking for something new.Now to the current review! Like always, I will be here in the comments answering any questions that I didn’t answer in the review. I had a few standouts and a few disappointments this round. These are just my opinions and each person will have a different experience with each brand. I just wrote up my personal thoughts about what I observed.Full ReviewTL;DR Tommy John tied with Mack Weldon for the top spot. Tommy John wouldve been the clear winner but the high price tag made it so they were not a standout. Calvin Klein came in a close second.Previous Review
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