Been reading through many first-time suit buyer links here on MFA and still have a few simple questions

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Been reading through many first-time suit buyer links here on MFA and still have a few simple questions
Sleve Length: Guide 2.0:’s Guide to Suits: it all Together: title: Clothing Tricks (suitss): Prom Guide: Fitting Suit: Thread: is a list of the resources I used. Now before I get to my questions, I just want to give a bullet list of the notes I made while reading so everyone has a sense of my working novice knowledgelapel match tie widthnotch lapelno pleated pantsone break in pantssleek, trim pans that smoothly hug my rearshoulders most important OTR fit criteriashoulder seam directly above end of “shoulder bone”lean slowly to wall, everything hits at same time (not suit first)sleeve and jacket length next most importantjacket covers butt and no moresleeve around wrist bone showing 1/4 to 1/2 inch of shirt cuffshould be able to curl fingers around bottom of jacket from natural stancesuit should have…two buttonssingle pocketdartstwo ventswoolbe grey or navy (more on this in questions)white or light blue dress shirtbelts match shoes, is thin, leatherhigh armholeshug testno collar gapOk, now to the point of my post: the questions.Would light charcoal be an acceptable color for a versatile suit? I am tall, lean, and athletic mostly buying this for career fairs and other formal events. I think the lighter color shows off my physique and complexion well. Or should I go with navy? I want to stand out.I do plan to have it tailored after I buy OTR probably from JCF.Are suit pants normally wool? It seems like the JCF website advertises their suit pants as wool, but to me dress pants are mostly all the same as long as they fit well, right?I plan to start looking up prices a bit online at Banana Republic, J Crew, J Crew Factory before I go in to try anything on. What about Macy’s though? There seems to be mixed opinions here, and I don’t really know what to think since I haven’t even gotten into price comparisons yet.I have these sizes that I scrupulously took…neck 15.5 insleeve 36 inshoulder 16 1/4 inchest 39 instomach 31 inbicep 11.5 inleg 21 inwrist 7 inshirt length 27 inpant size 33/32So should I just shop around on the JCF website a bit before I head into the store to try things on? I’m on a tight budget.Off the rack, the most important thing is to make sure the shoulders align appropriately and the sleeves and jacket are not too shortI can appreciate that you’re trying to give quick, simple advice, but this particular part is misleading and could leave a novice buying a suit that tailoring actually cannot fix. Before I knew the first thing about style, I had to buy myself a suit, and the only thing I really focused on was the fit of the shoulders and the sleeve length; I ended up with a suit that had pleats and could fit roughly 3 of me.Can someone explain this?Also, would this next paragraph be good advice for me?Charcoal grey or navy with be your most universal options. Black is traditionally reserved for formal events and pinstripe is generally reserved for business. The nice thing about charcoal grey suits and navy suits is they are considered appropriate for everything. Two button tend to remain the most consistent fashion wise and are what I would recommend. Make sure you get one with flat pants and not pleated pants. Techincally there are different cuts and styles beyond this (English tends to be boxier, Italian Slimmer and so forth), but I would not worry about that as much for the moment.Conclusion:Any comments on anything I’ve written here will be appreciated. More links to more resources you feel would be useful would also go a long way. Would you guys say I’m on the right track?
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