Too concerned about what I should wear and what others will think?

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Too concerned about what I should wear and what others will think?
Hi everyone, I write this post because this concerns me very much. I’m 18 years old and I’m going to start college next month. Until my last year at high school, I didn’t give a f*ck about the clothes I was wearing so I would wear whatever I found first in my closet. I think this played a big role in my interaction with other people, I didn’t have many friends and my classmates wouldn’t even talk to me… Last year of high school I changed my haircut, started to use contact lenses and dress more “properly”, but sadly it was too late.Now I’m very insecure and paranoid about what to wear when I go to college. For example, my little sister gave me a really cool t-shirt with a picture of The Joker. Even if I love comics and that shirt looks good on me, I’m very sad because I feel that if I wear it, people will think I’m a freak and won’t even talk to me because I’m not normal. How can I wear geek shirts and look decent? Or this is impossible and I will have to burn them? Just kidding lolOn the other hand, I like many kinds of clothes considered acceptable: Polo shirts, casual buttoned shirts (Not with squares or straight lines, they seem so old faishoned at least for me lol), skinny jeans of different colors… I think shoes I wear are okay, I have different kinds: Converse, leather shoes, Air Jordans… Even boots, I specially like them :PIn conclusion, I’m insecure about the clothes I wear because I think they will play a very big role in my social relationships. What do you recomend me? Am I taking this too seriously or should I be more aware of my clothes?
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