Let’s talk turtlenecks

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Let’s talk turtlenecks
How are you feeling on turtleneck sweaters for F/W 2017, MFA?It may still be summer but I’m feeling a pair of turtlenecks in cream and black (or perhaps charcoal) so hard right now.I recently scored a cafe-Au-lait-colored kinda 70s-looking leather jacket from a vintage store and started thinking how perfect it would be with either a cream or black turtleneck under it. (I’ll post ‘fit pics when I have the sweaters in question and its not 87 degrees!) Then I just started thinking how either/both could look good with a lot of stuff I already own. (turtleneck under blazer… turtleneck under pea coat…)And then there’s the whole functional aspect of how they keep you so toasty.For when fall stuff starts showing up more: who is good for slim-fitting, comfortable, inexpensive ($60 or less?) turtleneck sweaters? I seem to remember Uniqlo having them, but I don’t recall the selection too well or reading any reviewsAnd, more generally, please go ahead and share your turtleneck thoughts… like or dislike, your favorite or least favorite looks, whatever.
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