Movie Discussions: 8/9 Luc Besson

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Movie Discussions: 8/9 Luc Besson
Luc Besson stands out from the rest of the directors we’ve discussed so far. His progression from his early movies to his present ones isn’t necessarily that of a director nailing down his style but more of one celebrating it. Look at Leon the Professional versus Lucy. It might seem unfair to compare his early low budget movies to his big blockbusters, but it arguably reveals something very interesting: given the budget, Besson leans hard into his style, with all its strengths and flaws.Luc Besson pioneered the “cinema du look” movement of the 80s, characterized by “style over substance, spectacle over narrative”, but unlike his contemporaries, Besson applied this visual style to the Hollywood blockbuster, where it could reach new levels of excess. This slick look might touch his smaller movies, but it consumes his blockbusters. The more money and freedom he has, the more he revels in his style: The Fifth Element, one of his most popular films, looks practically tame compared to Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, his latest sci-fi movie. And while his movies lately have taken something of a beating critically, there’s something refreshing about how much he clearly enjoys making these movies. You’re never left with the impression that he phoned in his work. Whatever his flaws, it’s clear that he’s found his identity as a director.What Luc Besson movies have you seen? Any specific shots you take inspiration from? Need to vent about Lucy or the Taken series? Share your thoughts on the director and his works, as well as this discussion series in general. Any feedback is appreciated.
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