Please help me put together an outfit for a physical job interview, with the added caveat being limited to a few stores in New Zealand

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Please help me put together an outfit for a physical job interview, with the added caveat being limited to a few stores in New Zealand
Hey all, I’ve been struggling to put together an outfit suitable for my specific scenario and budget and would love some help.Bit of background:I have never owned a full suit, only a formal set of work trouser, comfortable dress shoes and some ill-fitting cheap dress shirts. None of these are applicable for this interview. I also have no ironing equipment to press clothes.I’m 6 ft 4 / 193cm, 195 pounds / 89kg with a relatively slim build.The interview is a practical one and will involve a solid hour of active work representative of the position. The job is in a fairly high profile location, though I’m not aware of a dress code so at this stage I’m purely looking for an impressive enough professional outfit just for the interview. Due to the physicality I don’t think a jacket/tie is suitable, I’d like to keep it to dress shirt/trousers and dressy but usable shoes.I only have a few days, which I don’t think is enough for any tailoring efforts to be made, to put this together and I’ll be doing my bulk of trying things on tomorrow.Due to my location within New Zealand I only have a few select places that I can even consider purchasing from, there’s simply not enough spread or variety of stores to really consider all too much I’m afraid. Also no time (or want to purchase without test fitting) to purchase online.The untested outfit:These dark Navy ‘Stretch’ Suit Pants, Merino Wool (What does the stretch refer to? Every suit pants in this store have ‘stretch’ referenced.)This long-sleeve Gingham Check non-iron shirt – slight pattern to make up for lack of tie/jacket without being gaudy (should I limit myself to non-iron shirts on the basis I have nothing to iron shirts with and want to remain presentable throughout the interview without worrying about wrinkles appearing?)These lace up dress shoes by Hush Puppies chosen for their hopeful every-day physical use, rather than pure dress shoes that might not be as comfortable with long use.Slim fitting black leather belt with very simple buckle – I currently have one that’s approximately 2.3cm wide but very well worn so not presentable. Should I look for a similar width belt or will a wider belt suit this ensemble?I’m in two minds about socks, should I keep it to simple black dress socks or go for something with a little bit of a pattern that may match the (idea of the) shirt?The Questions:Is this an outfit that works? Looks professional enough? I literally have zero experience with suits or pairing clothing to this degree.The only other store I’ve been able to find in my area that may fit within budget is this one, and I’ll visit it but nothing necessarily jumped out over the other stores browsing online.I’m very much open to further ideas if anyone has them, unfortunately constrained to the above stores (+- one or two stores I may not yet have found, but usually the boutique ones are prohibitively expensive) and within a relatively low budget.I will endeavour to try on as much as I can tomorrow, and readily discount anything that doesn’t fit properly. Bit worried given my height that sleeve and pant length may be a considerable problem.Extra questions:Black vs. Brown shoes as only pair & for an interview?What kind of shirts work on their own without jacket? Any specific types to avoid?Are cuff links relevant without suit jackets?Thanks for all your help!
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