The State of Fashion: Seoul!

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
The State of Fashion: Seoul!
Hey guys! Welcome back to the SoF! If you missed it, here’s the last post.Today we’ll be discussing the overall style and aesthetic of the Korean city of Seoul. As we’ve done before, if you live in the area and/or feel you know fashion, comment about your opinion on the local state/form of fashion, hopefully inciting a good discussion that I’ll write up into a little summary referencing the most comprehensive comments a day after this post is up. Of course, since this is a discussion post, if you have any fun stories or insights you’d like to share involving the area, please do! It’s all appreciated.Going to repeat this one more time if anyone cares, how would you feel about a separate guide post to go along with the initial SoF query, instead of simply editing this post? Should end up with the guides being more comprehensive, and I guess it would be easier for people to see what the state of fashion is like in the area anyway, but I’m pretty sure the current format does fine in that aspect. Opinions, guys?Thanks!
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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