I need help finding the perfect field jacket

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I need help finding the perfect field jacket
I’ve been obsessed with getting a field jacket. I would like one as something to wear this fall and even for the rest of the summer at nighttime (I’m from Michigan). At first, I was going to get an M65. I looked at Alpha Industries because I love having something that is rugged and well made, even if I’m not going to put it to the test. However, I really don’t like that olive green. I looked elsewhere, on eBay for some vintage ones which seemed awesome, but they’re all olive green as well.I did some looking around on Pinterest and I really liked this one from Burberry. That color is almost exactly what I want. In a perfect world, it’d be a little darker. Unfortunately, I’m going to college and can’t really justify dropping 1700 on a jacket and while I’m about to go into debt. I wouldn’t mind dropping a couple hundred on a really nice jacket, maybe even 300. Right now I am looking at this one I found. I’m not sure of the brand or the quality, so I am still looking.I know the perfect field jacket is out there, and I would be very grateful for any suggestions! Thanks!
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