I spent a healthy bit on a suit and have some concerns with the quality. [album inside]

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I spent a healthy bit on a suit and have some concerns with the quality. [album inside]
First of all. Please do not ask me who makes the suit. This is nothing more than me wanting feedback from more experienced ones with quality clothing to see if I should let this ride or pursue a means to address my concerns. I happen to know I am an incredibly particular person with an eye trained to very fine details. I don’t expect perfection but I do want to ensure I am getting what should be expected at this price point.The scoop: Around the first of July I picked up a new suit I had tailored at the boutique men’s shop I purchased the suit from. The experience was very nice and my final fitment was beautiful. I absolutely adore how the suit looks and functionally wears. I spent $1250 on the 2 piece suit and $150 on the shirt. I also purchased a few pair of socks and a few ties. While I am not crazy about the socks and I absolutely ADORE the ties in their design and quality, they aren’t really the subject of my concerns. I have maybe 6 suits, many shirts and I just donated about 15-20 ties…so I am not ignorant to suits completely. Just ignorant to what I should get at this price point. I greatly appreciate anyone’s feedback and help on this rather boring matter.Not long after starting to wear the suit I noticed a few things that are noted in this album: http://imgur.com/a/FuLWDAfter the first wear, I noticed a snapped button on the cuff. That did not bother me. It would be an easy miss for someone at the shop and just as easily replaced with visit. But I did take note of it.2 wears into the suit, which took me maybe 5~7 days, I noticed 2 knots of threads or something that appears to be threads standing up on each shoulder right on the seam(pictured). I have no idea what they are. Maybe they are a normal aspect of some suits? But I know none of my other suits have them. None of my other suits cost me $1250 either though.A few wears later I noticed a standing thread on my left breast just below the seam(pictured).Today(maybe 6 wears into my owning the suit), I noticed on the shirt, near the cracked button that there are some threads standing loose outside of the seam. And at the collar, there is a few standing threads that are coming loose already. The top of the 2 buttons that close the jacket has a quickly unraveling thread. (all pictured)There is some odd browning going on with the shirt. It’s hard to capture on my phone but it absolutely 100% is not sweat stains. There are parts with identical exposure that can look brownish/dingy or perfect. Some seams on the shirt have brown and some fabric right next to them are perfect. I attempted to capture some of this.I am a bit lost here and I have no desire to be “that guy” to the staff. If I am being overly critical, I can temper my expectations. But if this is not acceptable I will kindly give them the heads up that I have some concerns and I imagine they will do whatever it takes to make it right. Maybe some of you can provide me with some feedback on the matter.As a heads up. I am not rough with my suits at all. I am maybe about 6 wears into this suit at this point.
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