Combat Gent Has Lost My Business for ever.

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Combat Gent Has Lost My Business for ever.
Small rant.So u/poopfacemcgee made a thread about not receiving a bag for 229 days. Thank you it was the only thing that reminded me.I originally found out about combat gent here. And have ordered a couple things from them that I am satisfied with.I read there info about them doing shoes and was pumped. I placed an order for the Black Cap Toe Lace Up Oxfords a week before an EST. SHIP DATE of 10/31/16 . (Ive learned from video games to not be preorder guy, shipping in 8 day with a limited supply. Thats where they got me)No contact from them once. I keep forgetting about them. Ive called twice. The first time I called they mentioned they are expecting shipping in “around” 2 weeks. That was around six months ago. in 72 days its going to be a full year since ive paid for these.Here is the kicker. I call them today. after stumbling across u/poopfacemcgee thread again. And said Id like to just cancel my order and get a refund. Before I forget about it again. The Customer Service agent tells me. That the order wont be marked as canceled for 5 day, and that I should see my refund in 2 billing cycles. Comes off kinda scammy, and I let her know.Are you fucking kidding me? Ive never made a return where its taken so long. I ask why. She say that have to inform the factory about the cancellation, and you know…..time zones. How about getting in touch with me over the course of the past year to inform me that production is going to take a year. I mean est delivery was for Halloween.When i asked about my refund taking 2 billing cycles , the CS agent says it has to go through the billing depart. How fucking long is your is billing Dept. ha.Sorry for the Rant. I know this is MENS Fashion Advice. This is the fist time ive complained about something ever on reddit, or online in general since ive quit face book.Good Bye Combat Gent. It was fun. If you got through all that I have a 20$ referral code if any one wants.
Mens Hair Styles 2015
Submitted by handsthestrangler


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