Need help for size/brand prick for chinos due problem with waist/hips ratio

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Need help for size/brand prick for chinos due problem with waist/hips ratio
Hello, thank You in advance for further assistance I’m 25y old, 6’3” , 350 lb guy, with biggest weight part located in my butt and tights, my waist circumference is 46in, and hips cir. is 59in. As You can see, bit of problem, its not just pure fat, its muscles also, since i play american football (im european), and in my country(serbia) pants/jeans for me went up to 2-3 models of denim, i have 3 pairs of them, all size 46 but that is Serbian, not sure does it match others, ones are regular, ones is stretch jeans, and ones are too baggy for me. I know I have to loose weight and get my eating right, but in meanwhile I have to wear something, cant go naked around.So im looking for some chinos to get, probably black/charcoal/navy, and would like to get them from ebay. What size should I be looking for and what brands?, I would pay up to 40/50$ for pair. Would like them to be of well quality if possible, since I would like to change my style from wearing Jordan all day,I got some nice polos and would like to match them (polo colors: black, navy, raspberry sorbet) . I would like them to be slimer fit around calf area
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