What should I wear on a date with my girlfriend?

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What should I wear on a date with my girlfriend?
So normally, when not dating, my girlfriend wears tops that at least reveal a little bit of skin (bare arms, bare back, bare stomach, a bit of cleavage, not all at once, but at least one of the follwing, etc), and some mid-thigh shorts, or if it’s like fall and not crazy hot, capris to vary from just mid-thigh shorts for a bit.And on dates with me, she wears more or less fancy looking pretty dresses, that are about a hand above her knee…kind of short, showing a lot of leg, but not super provocative, either, as it’s way below her dirty bits. Kind of a sexy but modest length. And her dresses all have bare arms, a bit of bare back and bare chest area, and at times show a bit of cleavage.And on these dates with her…what I’ve been wearing if full suits. In which look nice…but a bit too formal, a bit too overly clothed compared to the fairly revealing dresses my girlfriend wears, and overall uncomfortable.Need I remind you I live in Florida…so spring/summer are crazy hot, fall is hot, and winter is only slightly cold, with no snow. So the suit was really uncomfortable.And none of the couples around us had men wearing suits, so…I was clearly out of place.So what should I wear? Just a casual but nice looking t-shirt and shorts that much up? Polo shirt and shorts? Short sleeved t-shirt/or polo shirt, but with pants?I want to sort of match up with my girlfriend a bit, meaning I have to show some skin, but I can’t show too much skin either, as men showing skin usually doesn’t look that great…but I also want to look good, because she looks all pretty in her dress, and I don’t want to look like an average joe in just some everyday t-shirt and pants.So what are your suggestions?
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