Finding an elusive pair of shoes for my style…

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Finding an elusive pair of shoes for my style…
Hey guys.It’s a bit of an odd request, but I’m kind of rolling with a punk rock look lately, and I’m trying to kind of complete an outfit and style I’m going for.I’m a guy, and a pretty tall dude at that. I wear size 13’s, and finding shoes in this size seems to be a chore enough.So I’ve always had my eye on the XXL converse sneakers (you know, those knee-high ones). I saw pictures online of them with the straps and everything all over them and I’m in love. Problem is, finding tall canvas sneakers in my size is a serious problem.It’s a bit of a big deal to me to try and get a pair, and man it’s disheartening to find the perfect pair of shoes I like and not be able to wear ’em no matter what.I’m just posting in hopes that anyone knows of a similar brand or a way I can even get a custom pair of these shoes in my size. It’s a seriously long shot, and I don’t even know if anyone here could give me a hand with this, but I just thought I’d give it a try.Thanks for reading, and appreciate any suggestions you may have.
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