Need footwear recommendations to go with my wardrobe

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Need footwear recommendations to go with my wardrobe
Hello MFA,As the title says, I’m looking for some footwear recommendations to go with my wardrobe. I am an engineer so things are pretty casual, but what I typically wear are slim fit button downs untucked (j crew, ted baker, topman) or polos untucked (ted baker mostly).For pants, I wear J crew chinos 770 / urban slim fit (many colors), currently shoes are want to add another 2-3 pairs of shoes towards my “rotation” (bonus points for belt recommendations to match!), but don’t really know what direction to take things in. I am located in the northeast, so while I plan to take care of my footwear, there is the dryness and possibility of having to deal with inclement weather unexpectedly.I like the idea of some nice quality leather boots, though I’m also interested in some derbys and loafers. Budget depends on how long something should last (for example if a pair of boots should last 5+ years I would be willing to spend over $500, but for something thats gonna last 1-2 years I am only willing to pay $200 or so). Of course, the price range can always change if I really fall in love with something.Thanks for reading! Looking forward to your recommendationsEDIT: broken link
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