Need Input on a Jacket for Bars in Europe

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Need Input on a Jacket for Bars in Europe
I’m leaving in September for a classic gap year trip through Europe with my girlfriend. I’ve spent the last couple months carefully researching and buying all of the gear for the trip so I can comfortably live out of a backpack for 3-6 months and just realized that my one gap is a jacket to throw at night and go out since all of the layers I’m bringing are outdoorsy looking and very warm. I’ve been looking around but I can’t seem to to find anything that would fit the bill so I’m hoping the MFA community can help!Here are my requirements: -fashionable for European nightlife -light and easily packable -wont wrinkle easily -either won’t get dirty or is easily washable -will go with what I’m already planning on bringing (red wing boots/Nike flyknits, dark slim denim/slim khaki chinos, dark tshirts/Henley/flannel) -isnt too warmIn terms of my style, at home I’d be a fan of dark denim jackets, brown leather cafe moto racers, olive field mechanic jackets, etc.Open to suggestions on specific products or broader styles. Price range is pretty variable, if I really like the piece and can wear it when I get back to the states I’ll drop more. Basically shoot me anything between $25 and $400. Thanks in advance!
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