A Few Questions About Writing Better Guides

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Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
A Few Questions About Writing Better Guides
TL;DR When people ask for hard-to-categorize advice, are they looking for diverse answers or methodological advice?The Wiki is more of a community archive than a structured resource, which puts a pretty steep curve on the new user onboarding process. It’s full of gems, but it relies on a lot of social signposts that aren’t entirely explicit.Which is why I’m posting meta shit.Most questions revolve around situational advice, and that advice usually breaks down into a set of fairly clean categories (survival, refinement, and exploration) that I’ll eventually write another post about.A small but distinct portion of questions hybridize those categories, involve wibbly not-really-situational scopes, and use confused terminology (mostly ambiguous value/comparative value statements). I want to take a crack at writing guides/pumping out some flowcharts for these questions, but skipping the pre-draft survey stage of a project is fucking sinful.The bit with the questions:How large of a guide is too large?Where’s the point of diminishing returns for example pictures?How important is the “This Guide is For You if..” section of a guide?What ratio of troubleshooting to general advice are you looking for?Where in the “damn it, I need to wrap this meat sack in fabric” cycle do you usually turn to a fashion guide?How important is background information (the origins of a cut or style, etc) when you’re looking for quick advice?Do you prefer guides that break things down into specific good/better/best recommendations, or guides that focus on “fashion analysis” skills?Bonus questions:What topic needs a guide?What topic needs a better guide?What brand of jeans can I buy that will fit my MASSIVE THIGHS?I’m essentially trying to figure out whether new users will benefit more from large and rigorous guides that focus on giving them lots of examples to go through (so they can find their comfort zones), or from guides that break down the decision making processes that operate across categories and situations (so they can expand their comfort zones). Both kinds of guides are valuable, but there’s a limit to how many words I can hammer out in the day now that I’m drinking decaf.
Mens Hair Styles 2015
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