I hate to do this to a small company, but I do not advise anyone here to purchase Duke & Dexter loafers.

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I hate to do this to a small company, but I do not advise anyone here to purchase Duke & Dexter loafers.
Last winter I purchased some Bowler Black Loafers from Duke & Dexter to wear to a handful of formal events I had coming up. I like sleek, minimalist style and thought they’d fit perfectly.Upon arrival and first wear: the shoes were great. Comfortable – a tad small, and they appeared to have quality craftsmanship for a $200 loafer. However, after a handful of wears – less than 20 hours. I noticed some pretty noticeable wear forming on the toe of one of the loafers.I emailed their customer service about this where I was assured this was unusual and a manufacturer defect. In exchange they offered me 15% off a new pair of shoes – which this company regularly offers off their shoes anyway. I believe right now they actually have a 20% sale going on.Regardless, I declined and said if it is a manufacturer defect, I’d like a refund or a replacement pair. The customer service rep connected me to the CEO of the company and this is where it gets really fun.The CEO agreed and offered me a replacement pair of a cheaper model. I agreed and asked when they would ship. I’ll save you the bulk of the emails but he essentially kept putting it off and tried to get me to fly to London to pick them up myself (I’m an American).And this is essentially what has been happening ever since. As you can see their are almost 90 emails in the chain of him putting off my questions and giving false shipment dates.At this point in time – almost a year later, I’m just tired of dealing with it. I’ve decided to stop pursuing the matter and warn you all instead about the shoddy quality and customer service of Duke & Dexter.
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