Schott lc940d fit

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Schott lc940d fit
Hello peopleI’ve just purchased my first “serious” leather jacket (basically my first larger investment on a leather jacket), namely the Schott lc940d. For wearing it only – hell I don’t even have a car licence yet, let alone a bike one :)But I am not sure that it fits me as it should. People I’ve asked think that it’s fine, but I still have my doubts. I have not owned leather jackets before, so I don’t know the things that compose a good fit.Sleeve length – sleeves seem a bit long, but from what I understand that is not really an issue since creases will form and they will shorten over time. And I also understand that longer sleeves are practical for bike riding (not for me of course, but at least they don’t seem like a faux pas from the start)It seems a bit large, but I am not really sure. Not large as in how I’m feeling in it, but large as in how it looks to me in the chest area especially. The waist is where it gets more snug, but the belly is something I will take care of in the following months.Or maybe the largeness is because of the jacket type which really should not be stuck to the body?This is the album For the record, I was wearing a thin sweater underneath when taking these photos, and I plan to use this jacket with this kind of clothes, but also with just a tshirt or a shirt.Thank you, any help much appreciated
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