Beyond the Basic Bastard: Minimalism

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Beyond the Basic Bastard: Minimalism
Beyond the Basic Bastard: Building a Minimalist WardrobeThis is the second thread in a series of threads about building your wardrobe in a specific direction after you have become content with The Basic Bastard Wardrobe. For the second iteration, we’re going to be going over minimalism.Note that, while minimalism is also a lifestyle, we will be going over the clothing style. Minimalism can also refer to a way of living in which the individual only buys/owns/consumes what is necessary and avoids excess, but we will be focused on minimalism from an artistic and aesthetic perspective. Conveniently enough for those living the minimalist lifestyle, though, wardrobes with a minimal style can very easily be pared down to just a few essentials. One nice thing is that the Basic Bastard wardrobe is almost a minimalist wardrobe already. Each piece is simple and clean and can be paired with anything else.A minimalist wardrobe, at its core, is usually grayscale, and contains pieces that don’t attract too much attention. There are some different types of minimalist wardrobes, like scandinavian minimalism, but I will be going over the most basic minimalist wardrobe. Really, you can make almost any wardrobe minimalist by buying clothing without detailing, loud patterns, etc. and keeping each item simple and clean.CharacteristicsI would say the defining characteristic of minimalist style is its lack of characteristics. I would think that someone who dresses in a minimalist style imagines their clothing as a sort of blank slate. Maybe you want to look simple and clean, maybe you want to look cool and mysterious, or maybe you just want to wear nice outfits without having to think too hard about pairing things together — if any of these things describe you, then a minimalist wardrobe might be for you.Minimalist wardrobes generally have clean lines, a lack of branding, and mostly monochrome color schemes. Often the point of interest of an outfit will be a fabric, texture, or simple pattern. Often, an outfit will be composed of pieces that are not interesting on their own, but are aesthetically pleasing when paired together.Sizing can change your aesthetic entirely. Wearing something oversized or loose gives off a much more casual and streetwear-esque vibe than something slimmer, which might work better for the Scandinavian minimalism aesthetic.BuyingMinimalist wardrobe pieces tend to be white and black, but colors like navy and gray are also quite common — especially in Scandinavian minimalist wardrobes. Don’t be afraid to try other colors, but if you are unsure what to go with, then it would probably be best to stick to one of those four colors.Wardrobe StaplesT-Shirts: I’m not sure how necessary it is to include this, but because they are so incredibly common in minimalist wardrobes, I’ve decided to include them. What even needs said about them? If you get lots of wear out of yours, consider upgrading to something a little nicer. Also, consider getting a color besides white, gray, or black. Navy is an easy addition, and something like dark green or burnt orange can be used for a scandinavian minimalist look.Buy from: Bella + Canvas, Uniqlo, AsketAlso see: Building the Basic Bastard: T-ShirtsWhite Button-Up Shirt: What material the shirt is made out of is up to the wearer. Minimalist wardrobes will often opt for a finer fabric like poplin or broadcloth rather than oxford, though oxford shirts will still work fine. Maybe layer a coat or a sweater over the shirt, or just wear the shirt on its own.Buy from: Uniqlo, COSBlouson Jacket: Often there is no specific name for this very general type of jacket. Sometimes they are listed as a “blouson,” but not always. Having a simple jacket to put on over anything makes layering a breeze. Can also be substituted for an overshirt.Buy from: Carhartt WIP, Norse ProjectsCoat: There are many types of coats, but the most commonly found coats in minimalist wardrobes are mac coats and overcoats. Wear them over anything at all.Buy from: Uniqlo, J. CrewAlso see: Your Favorite ___ for $___: OvercoatsCrewneck Sweater: A nice mid-layer for colder months, or just something to wear as an outer layer when it’s just cool out. Consider getting a sweater with an interesting pattern, texture or color.Buy from: J. Crew, HowlinAlso see: Building the Basic Bastard: Crewneck SweatersTapered Pants: A pair of well-fitting tapered pants can go a long way. Put them on with a t-shirt and sneakers for a luxe casual look or put them on with a button-up shirt and derbies for a more sleek and formal outfit. These are ideally made out of wool for cooler weather, but many similar pairs pants can be found in cotton or synthetic materials if you are on a budget or want something for warmer weather.Buy from: H&M, Uniqlo, COSAlso see: Your Favorite ___ for $___: Wool TrousersDark Jeans: What wardrobe is complete without a pair of jeans? It would be best to stick to darker washes without any fading.Buy from: Levi’s, The Unbranded Brand, Sage DenimNote: It is very easy to find secondhand denim at good prices from brands like A.P.C. and Acne Studios if you take a look on eBay and Grailed.Also see: Building the Basic Bastard: JeansWhite Sneakers: White sneakers are a classic /r/malefashionadvice recommendation, with some models that the subreddit especially likes to drool over. Clean white sneakers are eye-catching and versatile without being too loud. Put on some white sneakers if you can’t think of what to wear or don’t want to.Buy from: Adidas, Beckett Simonon, SvenssonAlso see: Building the Basic Bastard: White SneakersBlack Derbies: These shoes are a great choice to make a casual outfit a bit more sleek or to draw less attention to your bottom half, unlike white sneakers.Buy from: Dr. Martens, Bexley, Jack ErwinSecondary ItemsThese items are not as common as anything in the wardrobe staples section, but are still popular and versatile items to have in one’s wardrobe that are frequently found in a minimalist wardrobe. Overall, there are very few items in theTurtleneck Sweater: Obviously extremely similar to the crewneck sweater. Try wearing this under a coat or blazer if it’s cold so you can keep your neck warm without a scarf.Buy from: Uniqlo, J. CrewBomber Jacket: This type of jacket is a bit streetwear-oriented, but can easily fit within a minimal wardrobe. They look great simply layered over a t-shirt or maybe on top of a sweater.Buy from: H&M, Uniqlo, Carhartt WIPChelsea Boots: Chelsea boots are sleek and stylish, and are a nice alternative to sneakers if you want to change things up from the usual black derbies while still looking sharp.Buy from: Bexley, Story Et FallAlso see: Your Favorite ___ For $___: Chelsea Boots, Chelsea Boot Buying GuideBreton Stripe Shirt: Breton stripe shirts are an easy point of interest to add to an outfit, and they work works very well in Scandinavian minimalist wardrobes.Buy from: Muji, Armor Lux, Saint JamesBrandsDisclaimer: Some of the brands in this section will not sell specifically minimal clothing, but will instead offer a variety of items that could go in a minimal wardrobe, among other items. This can be said about virtually any store. Rather than finding a brand that sells everything in one spot, try many different web stores and focus on the simple and versatile pieces.$Everlane: Everlane makes lots of cheap basics. If you want an alternative to the usual Uniqlo suggestion, consider checking them out.Muji: Muji has a solid collection of basics at a nice intersection of price and quality.Uniqlo: A malefashionadvice classic recommendation, Uniqlo has lots of simple clothing at a reasonable price point. If you’re unsure of where to find something, look here first.$$Arket: Created and owned by H&M, this brand is near the upper limit of what I would consider “cheap” clothing and is not available in the USA, but if you live in Europe you might consider checking them out.Asket: A Swedish basics brand that advertises its transparency. Despite its similar name and area of origin, Asket is not associated with Arket as far as I know. Their prices are reasonable, and stock their items in short, normal, and long sizes aside from the normal XS-XL sizes.Community Clothing: A brand that prides itself on its British-made manufacturing, fair wages, humane working conditions, and more, this English brand makes clean clothing at reasonable prices.COS: H&M’s older and more subtle brother. Much more minimal and Scandinavian than H&M.NEED: Need Supply’s house brand. Their clothes put a contemporary spin on basics, are assembled in the USA, and are sold at prices not too far above those at COS.$$$Acne Studios: A Swedish fashion house that makes mostly minimal clothing in interesting designs and cuts. Their denim is one of their more popular products.A.P.C.: This brand is the first one I would think of if someone asked for brands that make minimal and modern clothing. Retail is a bit expensive, but plenty of A.P.C. can be found secondhand for great prices.Folk: Folk makes relatively basic pieces and reminds me of a higher-end J. Crew. They make very simple and accessible clothing.Norse Projects: This is one of MFA’s favorite higher-end brands. Norse makes simple clothes with nice colors and sometimes some different fabrics and textures.Universal Works: Universal Works is a minimalist workwear brand that makes a core selection of item models in many different fabrics for each season.InspirationClick here to see the Basic Minimal Bastard inspiration album. Many other minimalist inspiration albums can be found with a quick search.Related Instagram Accountscpeterspiano aka /u/ aka /u/maisonpingthe_paradox_of aka /u/soupasebtsunyuenRelated ReadingScandinavian Minimalism – Wardrobe and Inspiration Album by /u/citarosimplewear – a treatise and inspiration album by /u/tttigreBig ‘Ol Minimalism Inspo Album by /u/MostHonorableLeaderMinimalist wardrobes are small and focused by nature. If you want to read more about capsule wardrobes, a style of wardrobe focused on have few items with lots of interchangeability, try reading some /r/femalefashionadvice threads on the topic, like this and this. If you want to read more about minimalism, try reading this article from NoSidebar or, of course, Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up.ConclusionMinimalism is a simple aesthetic to get into and to dress in. It’s clean, appealing, and creating outfits is straightforward. While it doesn’t exactly stand out, it is still pleasing to the eye, and it can be dressed up or down with ease. If you find yourself wanting more out of a minimalist wardrobe, try experimenting with textures, simple patterns, or pieces in a non-grayscale color.Thank you to /u/minimaldrobe for your help and input.Future Iterations of Beyond the Basic BastardWhat aesthetics would you like to see covered in the future, and which specific one would you like to see next? Maybe you would even like me to separate some of the categories instead of doing them in a single thread. There are plenty of possible looks to cover.Here is my current working list, in the order that I intend to release them:Casual College StudentBasic StreetwearPrepSLPQuestions, Concerns, Comments, CriticismAre there any sections that I missed and/or that you would like to see included? Is there any error in the content or maybe just a spelling mistake? Did I forget to include anything important? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
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