/r/AskHistorians Clothing and Fashion Digest: Legwear, Folk & National Dress

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/r/AskHistorians Clothing and Fashion Digest: Legwear, Folk & National Dress
r/AskHistorians Fashion DigestThis Weeks Theme(s): Legwear, folk and national dressWhat is this post?It is the 9th in a series of themed digests of /r/AskHistorians clothing and fashion related questions and answers for the /r/malefashionadvice community to browse.The aim is to have a new digest every Tuesday.What is /r/AskHistorians?Askhistorians (AH) is a great subreddit where users can ask historical questions and have them answered by an expert in the field. All responses need to be comprehensive, informative, on-topic, and supported by citations to historiography or primary source material. The site is rigorously moderated and budding historians need to demonstrate their knowledge or academic credentials before being recognised as an expert. At present, over 300 users have made the grade and received a ‘flair’ that signals their expertise in a particular research area.At the moment there are currently three flaired users who specialise in fashion, clothing, dress and textile history.It should also be noted that the further back you go the less in-depth and comprehensive answers tend to be, compared to modern standards of AH.If you’re interest is piqued by any of these questions, or you have your own, feel free to post them as questions over at r/AskHistorians for some expert answers. If you just want to talk or comment in general, feel free to below!What is the purpose of these digests?For the interest and curiosity of people who are subscribed to r/malefashionadvice and have an interest in clothing and fashion, but more of a historical nature.And to spread the good work of the /r/AskHistorian’s community in making historical knowledge accessible to a broad, public audience.Question(s)Link to threadWhen and why did trousers become the standard garment for European men?LinkWhen and Why did wearing blue jeans become both socially acceptable, as well as popular and fashionable?LinkWhen and how did denim jeans become the most common type of pants?LinkWhat did the Soviet Union have against jeans?LinkWhy weren’t jeans sold in communist states?LinkWhen did the Scots start wearing kilts?LinkHow did the kilt-wearing Scots of times past deal with cold winters, and their not-well-covered legs?LinkI was just rewatching Braveheart and now I’m wondering… were kilts as common as every movie about Scotland seems to suggest?LinkWhy have [& did] countries outlawed traditional dress?LinkWhy did certain religious folk just stop updating their fashion at a certain time? Hasidic Jews, The Pope, etc. When and why did their dress switch from contemporary to traditional?LinkWhy are countries’ traditional costumes usually from the 1800s?LinkWhy doesn’t England have an official national dress?LinkUpcoming theme: 20th and 21st Century
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