Lost my pair of (gifted) suede loafers. Turns out they’re very pricey. Any alternatives I could get?

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Lost my pair of (gifted) suede loafers. Turns out they’re very pricey. Any alternatives I could get?
Edit – The title should say drivers, not loafers.Some years ago I was helping my friend move apartments and he had a bunch of shoes he was getting rid of and asked if I wanted them (we’re the same size). I said sure and fell in love with one pair of grey suede loafers in particular. I wore them all the time. I saw another post here saying they wouldn’t want to get Tods because it would wear out, but that was never the case for me. Over three years I ran in them on NYC sidewalks and out in the open field of parks. I could stand in them for hours behind a counter. The leather molded perfectly to my feet, and no matter how hot it was outside my feet never smelled at the end of the day. With the lack of a firm sole I’m partially convinced I could bend grip items with my foot if my body was so capable. (I’m a fan of Vibrams as well, FWIW).Over this past Labor Day weekend I went on a small road trip and when I came back home the loafers weren’t in the car. I called and asked everywhere I was but they seemed to have vanished, so I looked up what they were – Tods of London City Gommino Suede Loafers. MSPR – $500.So, I come here asking you all if there are other brands of similar quality which aren’t so expensive. I’m content keeping an eye on eBay but they were my first pair of footwear of that style and I’m curious if there are others like it from brands I’m not familiar with. They also seem to be in the category of suede moccasins or driver loafers.Appreciate your advice!
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