A review of Meermin dark brown calf derby boots (30 months/2.5 years)

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A review of Meermin dark brown calf derby boots (30 months/2.5 years)
I’ve been meaning to write a review for a few weeks, but I was waiting until I could give these bad boys a good shine. I finally got around to doing that, to one of them at least, so here we are.I bought these on Meermin’s eBay store in March of 2016. If you’re not familiar with the store, it is where Meermin auctions off seconds.Photo albumPrice$165 shipped to the USA. Firsts from their online store are $280 shipped, I am not exactly certain of their price when I bought my pair.DefectsYou bought seconds, what were the defects? Loose grain on the medial portions of the shafts (please see the attached photos). That’s the only defect I can find that would probably get it rejected as a Meermin first. I’m not too upset as it isn’t noticeable unless I’m sitting down with my legs crossed.Initial ImpressionsI was very impressed with them when I first got them. I was just getting into clothes and fashion, and they were the most I had spent on clothes. The leather was the best I had ever owned up to that point. Frankly, I was over the moon about having a Goodyear-welted shoe as well. I only have one photo of them new, but they were not dissimilar to Meermin’s photos on their website.SizingI am a 39 in Common Projects, 7 US in most footwear. These are 6 UK/7 US in the Rui last (the widest they currently offer). If I were to travel back in time knowing what I know now, I would definitely have sized down to 6.5 US. I was still a noob back then, so I did some light research and then went ahead and sniped the auction at the last second. The widest part of my foot hits pretty much at the widest part of the boot, but I have thin feet and I can definitely feel there is extra space width-wise. The only thing that kind of mitigates the problem is that I have high arches.LeatherLike I said, these boots use some nice leather, notwithstanding the loose grain. They don’t compare with other boots I have handled like Tom Ford side zips, but they are similar, perhaps a shade nicer, to Allen Edmonds. Break-in period was fine; I feel they’ve broken in nicely and are quite comfortable for a full day. They were stiff, but manageable. Never got blisters, but did get a bit of chafing. Like I mentioned, they are slightly loose on my forefoot, but if I tie them tight, I don’t feel a jiggle when walking.ConstructionThe welt is very uniform and nice on the front and middle of the shoe. The welt joint on the right shoe is a bit rough, brutish even; they just come together bluntly. The left shoe shows a slightly nicer joint, but there’s no denying that Meermin’s welts are no high-end job. Stitching is impeccable. Speedhooks are sturdy. Outsole is rubber and has held up nicely.CareOnce I put them on, I don’t baby them or take any particular care. Pretty much just avoid dog shit and puddles. I brush them after just about every time I wear them. Shoe trees after every wear, but there are a couple of times I left them alone overnight. I condition them at least every six months or sooner if they need them.WearI estimate I’ve worn these 200-220 times, conservatively. The main places that belie their true age are the heels. You can see in the photos how the rubber has worn down due to striking when I walk. The leather is as whole as it was when I bought them; they are just broken-in and the shoe is more comfortable because of it. The ankles have bent to best accommodate my ankles and the insoles have molded to the shape of my feet. The laces, while not spectacular, have done their job. No stitching has come loose.Ratings and final thoughtsIf we’re comparing to the best: 6.5, because I know how much better the leather and welt can be. If we’re comparing relatively: 9. It’s going to be hard to find a better casual boot for $165. I’d probably have to resort to pre-owned or do some serious hunting. Yeah, there’s loose grain and occasional sloppy welting, but it’s full-grain leather and that sloppy welt doesn’t affect the integrity of the boot. They look and offer incredible value. Would I buy them again? A resounding YES. I have no problem buying another pair of Meermins to have in my rotation, just in a different last. Would I buy Meermins as my wedding shoes or the shoes I get buried in? Probably not.Thanks for reading, and I hope you learned something.
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