Navy Peacoat Around $200

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Navy Peacoat Around $200
I’m looking for a Peacoat around $200. From what I’ve read, Schott and Sterling are the top brands right now (and authentic US Navy issued), but they seem to be around $300 to $400 new at the moment. I’ve also read military surplus is a good way to go (ie. Rothco brand), but I’ve also read that those are boxy and not as stylish. Finally another popular option is to go vintage WWII or before, which they say are slimmer than current cuts. Although I don’t think I would like to buy a jacket that old. A couple options I’m considering right now:- Schott Slim Cut, there’s a “like new” condition in eBay for $220 shipped- Lands End currently has a 30% off coupon, so their peacoat falls down to also $220 shipped. I have’t seen any reviews on fit though I’m wondering if I should grab the slim Schott that’s currently on eBay since that’s a well reviewed brand and the $220 price is half of the price new. Although I was wondering if you guys have any other suggestions? Bad timing I know, but I was looking to buy before winter (so in the next couple weeks). Thanks
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