Advice on a pair of BEGINNER dress shoes for around £100?

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Advice on a pair of BEGINNER dress shoes for around £100?
I am doing some volunteer work that will involve me meeting some victims of crime at some point in the next few weeks (whenever my manager feels I am ready).The environment at the workplace is very casual (my manager is a middle aged woman who I remember came in with a pair of purple-ish New Balance trainers a week or two ago) so I don’t need to try and dress up super formal.However, when I do get to the point of starting to meet people face-to-face rather than over the phone I don’t want to be showing up with a pair of sneakers, I would like to try and wear something a little smarter. It does not necessarily have to be something like a pair of black Oxfords, just something slightly dressier than a sneaker pair I usually use for the time being so that I give a reasonable first impression.I would like to note that I have only recently started trying to dress better and update my wardrobe, so ideally I am looking for advice on something a fashion beginner can pull off that will look a little smarter.I have thought about a pair Loafers which I think could be okay, but they are a little out of my comfort zone in terms of what I usually wear so I am still working up the courage to try them out sometime down the line. I also thought about a pair of Clarks Desert Boots but I’m not sure they are quite what I’m looking for.I have been thinking of picking up either a pair of brown/tan leather derby shoes, or a pair of leather brown brogues. It just needs to be something that looks a little dressier and more elegant than sneakers, but that can be worn by a beginner without looking amateur.My price point is probably not terribly much more than £100 as I am a student and I am not currently earning. I live in the UK if that makes any difference. I am aware that at this price point I wont get great quality but I suppose it is more the perception of making a good first impression when I meet clients down the line.
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