Guide to Sunglasses

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Guide to Sunglasses
IntroductionIn this guide I hope to discuss the basics of buying sunglasses including popular styles, choosing one for you, and cleaning and maintaining them. Things that will not be discussed in this particular guide will be materials.TerminologyPolarized lensesLenses with a special coating that increases visibility by reducing glare. Not the same as UV protection.UV protectionLenses with a special coating that filter out UV rays to protect your eyes. Usually will come with a claim of 100% UV protection or UV400 protection.CompaniesAs many people are aware Luxottica is responsible for most of the eyewear market and this included popular sunglass brands including Ray-Ban, Persol, and Oakley.A common recommendation is Warby Parker.For those looking for a list of independantly owned eyeglass makers please see this list compiled by /r/bamgrinus. Or see this discussion on indie, budget friendly sunglass brands.Popular Styles of SunglassesAviatorsAs in a lot of cases in menswear, the Aviators started in the military. Developed by Bausch & Lomb in 1936 for pilots to protect their eyes. Think Tom Cruise in Top Gun or Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver.ClubmastersPopularized by Ray-Ban in the late 1970s. Think intellectuals like like Malcolm X, who was played by Denzel Washington in 1992 and Michael Douglas in Falling Down.WayfarersOriginally produced by Ray-Ban in 1956. Think Harvey Keitel (Mr White) in Reservoir Dogs or Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi in The Blues Brothers.Round framesThe oldest style out of all. Think Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter or John Turturro in the Cohen Brother’s Barton Fink.Square framesSquare frames are generally very geometric, but not actually truly square. Think creatives like Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol and more recently Rihanna to John Mayer.Choosing one for youChoosing one for you based on face shapeInfographicsMost often when choosing to buy a pair of sunglasses people consider the shape of your face. Many an infographic has been made about choosing sunglasses based on your face shape.Visual Guide To Choosing The Perfect SunglassesInfographic for choosing the most aesthetically pleasing sunglasses for your face shape.Face shapesEach infograph varies on face shape to some degree however the most common face shapes include square, circle (round), oval, rectangular, triangle.Disclaimer: these are generic rule of thumb recommendations based on face shape and why certain frames may work. These should not be treated as gospel. You should still try on the sunglasses (multiple pairs) and use your best judgmentDisclaimer 2: hair and facial hair changes how you look and that should be taken into consideration when choosing glassesSquareCircle (Round)OvalFor the most part individuals with oval faces are capable of wearing any style of frame.RectangleTriangleBut how do I know my face shape?Stare into the mirror.Ask a friend or family member (if you trust their judgment). Having references always help.Post a picture in the Daily Simple Questions thread and ask MFA.That all being said almost everyone does not fall into perfectly geometric shaped face.Choosing one for you not based on face shapeThe Alternative Method for Choosing the Right Sunglasses without considering face shape was written by /u/themodestmanA great comment by /u/VanDykeParks about the highly prescriptive advice about choosing sunglasses strictly based on face shape:what should be a very simple (and largely subjective) process of just trying on various styles of sunglasses and seeing what you like best on your face and what best meshes with your personality and style.Clean and maintain sunglassesCleaningDo not scratch your lenses. Preferably just wipe your glasses with a microfiber cloth. If they have dirt/sand/whatever then you can gently rinse them with water and then dry with a microfiber cloth. Enjoy your clean glasses.MaintainingLike most things, just do the bare minimum to try and take care of them. When not in use keep them in a hard protective case or, if in your car, in sunglasses holder. Do not leave your sunglasses in places where they get damaged. This include car dashboards where you may warp plastic components. Do not put them in situations where they may get physically damaged i.e. dropped, stepped on, or sat on.Lastly, In the words of jdbeeI’m terrible at not losing or breaking them, so I just buy cheap ones from a kiosk at the mall. They have worse optics because they have polycarbonate lenses instead of glass, but provide just as much UV protection.Sometimes it is best to have cheap backups, especially in places and when doing activities when you have a higher likelihood of breaking and/or losing them. I’m looking at you beach activities.ResourcesPut this On has a fantastic series on sunglasses Come back and do thisA Guide to Glasses (and a Word on Sunglasses)Visual guide to choosing the perfect sunglassesAlternative methid for choosing the right pair of glasses for youTheModestMan: Don’t Know Your Face Shape? Here’s How to Find Sunglasses (Video)Fast Company: A Visual History Of Eyeglasses
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