I Need Help: finding myself good clothing, and having a style

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I Need Help: finding myself good clothing, and having a style
I’m having a ton of trouble finding clothing that suits me, and I could really use the help.I have a few clothes i truly like. I have so much shitty, “throw after a month” clothing.I want to have something good that would last a while.I also want to start buying online.​​I really hate clothes with meaningless text thrown on. or things that are overly flashy.I like goofy clothes. And *clothes with beautiful patterns or drawings*. especially hoodies.I like pants that aren’t tight as hell, and *don’t* feel like rubber. also, one’s without a drop down crotch or an overly tight feet holes.I like outdoors clothes, and clothes that are also good for you physically , and are not just for looking good. [e.g. flexible, good for exercise, good against heat and the elements]I like cool cuts like the one in this hoodieI like clothes that reference math or physics or shows i like.this is pretty much all i have set in stone.​I need to find good companies or places to search for, and any tips you guys can offer. I’m kind of new at this “buying on your own” thing.
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