Jeans for the average high school guy

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Jeans for the average high school guy
Anyone have a a recommendation for jeans to suit an average, not super trendy, midwestern high school guy on a modest budget? This comes from a mom who needs to buy her non-fashion conscious 16 year old son some decent jeans that won’t make him look dorky.He’s put on a little weight and needs new stuff but is annoyingly resistant to going shopping and trying stuff on. When asked, he just says “regular jeans”. I used to take his older sister shopping for him, but she’s away at college, so someone please help!When I look in stores and online, I see everything from light washed skinny jeans w tons of holes to solidly dark wash boot cuts; relaxed fit, straight fit, flex fit, skinny fit and (flashback to my high school years) Dad fit. I’m lost!He’s a high school junior at a school in a moderate sized Midwest town. No one here is high fashion, but kids do follow trends. And they notice who wears bad clothes. Son is one of those smart kids who plays video games a lot, is not a jock, likes his T-shirts and some athletic wear, is generally well-liked by peers but not in the popular crowd. He tends to choose comfort over style, but he absolutely refuses to go shopping and try stuff on. Not a super trendy guy, but he tends to wear stuff that’s “in” for the majority.Body type is somewhat heavy, maybe 20lb above his ideal weight. He has a bit of a tummy but not a prominent rear, so he needs pants w minimal tendency to sag in the backside. He has fuller thighs and calves, but somehow “relaxed fits” tend to overemphasize that rather than being flattering, but super skinny doesn’t always work.The last time I got him to go shopping and try stuff on was at least a year ago. At that time, he chose “athletic fit” pants which seemed to look and fit best. But that doesn’t help w the array of style options like boot cut, straight, skinny, “Dad jeans”. And then there are all those different washes. I don’t know where to begin.Anyone want to give me guidance? Budget is modest, under $50 per pair of jeans. American Eagle is where my kids have gotten most of their jean in the past it’s on our mall, so would be s good option, but not necessary.
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