Need advice for “small” looking boots

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Need advice for “small” looking boots
Hi MFA,German guy here. Fall is approaching and I want to upgrade my boot game. I have a pair of CDBs that I like in general, but I want some other options and the CDBs already have a problem I have with a lot of shoes: they look like clown shoes on me.My situation: I’m small-ish (5’8”, 1,73) with short legs (I need jeans in 28 length, which sucks) but I have big-ish feet for my size (US 10). So if a shoe is rather chunky or rather long looking it looks quite ridiculous on me with my proportions.Are there any boots that look kinda “small” or rather not bigger than they really are? I was thinking myself perhaps of chelseas that are not too pointy. Also, they should still be functional for German fall or winter, so they still need to be a bit warm and should be able to handle wet climate.As I’m no boot expert, I don’t even know where to start looking for options, so any help will be appreciated.Oh yeah, and I usually go for casual clothing, so they will be worn with jeans (dark blue or black) most of the times.Thanks!
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