[Review] ISM Classic Backpack

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[Review] ISM Classic Backpack
Disclaimer: I’m a student brand ambassador for ISM and was given this bag for review. That being said, I’ve put the bag through its paces and will try my best to give an honest overview of the product!It’s been a (really) long time since I’ve seen a backpack review on r/MFA and since college is starting back up, I thought I would give you guys a look at ISM’s Classic backpack. I’ve been using this backpack everyday for around 6 months now. Here are some pictures that gives a good look at what the wear-and-tear looks like.PicturesContext: In the past, I’ve had backpacks from both Everlane and Timbuk2. Both have been decent products, but not without their faults. Here was my criteria list for a replacement.Professional-looking. I wanted a bag that would fit it in easily at a any workplace, whether it’s a tech start-up or an investment bank. At the same time, I wanted something that would stand out from the sea of Jansports/Northfaces that I see around campus.Waterproof/heavily water resistant.Breathable back. My campus is super hilly, and with my Everlane Snap backpack, I would sometimes be walking to class with sweat stains on my back. Not the greatest situation.Durable shoulder straps. This has been a huge deal-breaker for me in the past. The canvas strap on my Everlane wore thin and snapped after ~7 months, while the adjustable straps on the TimBuk2 just won’t stay in place when I move around.Aesthetics/Design: Overall, I love how the backpack stands out from the heritage/rugged look of my previous bags. Although it doesn’t turn heads on the street, the backpack gets compliments pretty often when I’m sitting down in class/at meetings. The bottom half of the bag is made of full-grain leather, as well as the shoulder straps and rear trim. Although the leather is of indeterminate origin, it’s kept up really well over time. Water-resistant nylon makes up the rest, with EVA mesh padding on the back of the bag. Being in the Bay Area, it rains fairly often and I’ve never had an issue with my laptop/electronics inside getting wet, a blessing since I’m always misplacing my umbrella. The inside is lined with a sleek navy polyester, which contrasts really well with the black outside. Even when you don’t methodically organize stuff into it, the stiffened frame keeps the silhouette slim and tight.Functionality: Despite its minimalist design, the classic backpack holds a lot more than you would think. The separate laptop compartment comes with two dividers, which I use to carry my 13” Macbook Pro and my Kindle. The main space holds just under 17L, making it large enough to carry around my overpriced engineering textbook, notebooks, a 21 oz. Hydroflask, and chargers. There’s a dedicated pocket for a power bank, and even a pass-through for your cable so you can walk as you charge. One thing I would have wished for is a slightly deeper pocket, but otherwise it’s just about perfect for me.Comfort: With a lot of designer backpacks, you’re going to be sacrificing comfort for style. Not here. The Classic backpack has leather shoulder straps that look premium but have extra mesh padding on the inside, a god-send to my shoulders during long day treks. I mentioned this before but the padding on the back also helps a ton with airflow. I’ve overloaded this bag as a mini-weekender quite a few times, and can say comfort’s never been an issue with this bag.Value: There’s no way around it, there’s quite a large upfront cost for the ISM Classic backpack ($225). However, the bag comes with a lifetime warranty, covering all breakdowns whether it be in the zippers, materials, or handle. As someone who goes through bags like a hot knife through butter, this gives me a huge peace of mind. I think of this backpack as an investment piece, with plenty of added insurance in case something goes wrong.Conclusion: The ISM Classic backpack is made for those who appreciate premium material and design but don’t want to sacrifice functionality. I’ve invited the founder of the company, Justin, to answer any questions about the construction/history behind making the bag.
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