Wearing a Suit

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Wearing a Suit
Hey guys,I’m a 21 year old guy working trades and I’m just starting to get into fashion. For some reason I have a strong desire to get a nice well-fitting suit. I’ve never really dressed nicely and want to know what it feels like. I know dressing well isn’t the same as dressing formal but still I can’t shake the feeling of wanting a good fitted suit. Maybe I’m being influenced by movies and TV or subconsciously want to feel as if I’m more important than I am. It could be that I want to dress as if I’m part of societal class above my own. Maybe its just because a good suit looks classy as fuck.Anyone else feel this way? I have no reason to wear a suit and if I got one I probably wouldn’t be able to pull it off. I would just look overdressed wherever I went. It seems that suits are worn only when necessary in our times. Why is that? Why isn’t it the norm to dress well like people did back in day? Anyway there must be others out there that would like to dress well and formal but don’t really need to. I’d like to hear some other opinions.
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