I need help picking out a suit for a wedding..

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I need help picking out a suit for a wedding..
I’m attending a wedding in early October in Colombia and I need help picking out a suit for the wedding – the weather is going to be ~80 degrees and it is an outdoor wedding.I plan on buying this from SuitSupply because their suits fit me well and I can pick it up from the store in NYC. I need a suit that’s light enough that I can wear given how hot it is – and also something that I can wear to work if needed because I won’t be going to too many weddings in the next few years.I’ve narrowed down my choices to these:This three piece sui – I’ve never worn a 3 piece suit before but I think it looks cool – the material is a linen blend as opposed to fully linen so I’m hoping it doesn’t wrinkle too much. My thought was that I could wear just the waistcoast if it gets too hot and put the jacket on when I need it. I’m not sure what the rules are around wearing a waistcoat so if I’m doing this wrong, please let me know. I definitely don’t want to look like a waiter!This is another option – this one however, is 100% linen. Would that be too weird to wear in an office setting?This is the last one I think it looks great but I don’t know if it would be too hot to wear given how hot is it.
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