How did you go from no style to being an adult ???

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How did you go from no style to being an adult ???
I’m 20 (m) I’ve never really cared much about my clothes mostly just wore what’s comfortable. I wasn’t the kid in elementary school who wore shorts even when it was snowing outside. I didn’t wear a long sleeve shirt till I was in 11th grade, I’ve sports my whole life so basically everyday of my life till high school was basketball shorts and a bike graphic tee, some nike elite socks and a pair of trainers. I am now a junior in college, in terms of improving my style most of my clothes are basically H&M shirts, and I’ll wear jeans or khakis with vans on a usual day where I don’t wana look like a high schooler. The thing is I really don’t care about my outfits and my girlfriend kinda jokes about how all my clothes are either gray, blue, or white and she’s not wrong. But like I don’t even know how to shop, I basically run into H&M buy 5 plain shirts and call it good for a few months. I don’t wear shorts as much which for me is a big deal, I still change into shorts the second I get back from class but that’s not an issue haha. Any time I try to venture out of my comfort zone and wear something a little adventurous I ended up looking in a mirror when I get home and either return it or never wear it cuz it just doesn’t look like “me”. I guess I’m just a plain old dude, but I Wana start looking a little modern but Idk what to start with. I want to look like someone with some style in Silicon Valley. I know the stereotype is kinda like the outfits I wear, but I wana be someone with a little more style. Like I just need some tips on some clothes that could be an easy outfit for business casual Occasions, for first round casual interviews etc maybe a nice pair of not dress shoes but like those brown ones that you see people wear that look a little more formal? Idk I know nothing about style! Any help is appreciated!
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